Acoustic rain measurement KICKS the tipping bucket

In addition to our core weather sensor suite, WeatherStation WXRS provides real-time rain intensity, event duration and accumulated rainfall measurement with no moving parts. And unlike traditional tipping buckets, WXRS is virtually maintenance free as it has no moving parts or components that need to be emptied, cleaned or unclogged of debris. Kick the tipping bucket and experience the all-in-one weather data solution - WeatherStation WXRS


AIRMAR’s WeatherStation 150WXS provides accurate, site-specific weather data from a single, compact device. As an integral component of a comprehensive weather station, the WeatherStation WXS can deliver more than seven critical weather parameters in real-time. The compact housing features a solar radiation shield for increased stability of temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure and the ultrasonic measurement of wind. The maintenance free qualities of the WeatherStation WXS make it perfect for remote mounting as a network of sensors.